I've had a few personal trainers over the last few years and they've never tended to know the feeling, couple of times a week, same thing, "come on push !" Anyway, when Erwin was recommended to me about 18 months ago, I thought here we go again. I couldn't have been further off the mark ! Erwin has an all around philosophy of how he wants to live his life. Therefore, whilst I get so much out of the actual personal training, as he focuses on getting the technique right (Griff, shoulders down !), which I really enjoy, I also get so much out of our chats between sets as he's focused on just trying to be a better person each day...and that's infectious. Anyway, whatever type of session you are after, I can't recommend Erwin highly enough ! He is an excellent personal trainer and a great soul!

Kevin Griffiths

I have been training with Erwin for close to 2 years now, and I can honestly say that I am a better person mentally, physically, and emotionally because of him. In 2016 I underwent surgery for a fractured patella whilst also dealing with a personal loss, and what should have been a simple recovery was anything but. It took me weeks to just walk normally again, and many months of physio and additional rehab training with Erwin just to do things I once took for granted. He was there to guide me through the pain and helped me heal when I began to doubt my progress. Without the support Erwin offered me, i honestly believe my recovery would have been a lot longer. It is not only rehab that Erwin has helped me with, but also emotional and mental guidance. I always joke with my friends that Erwin is more of a therapist than a personal trainer to me sometimes, but I honestly do leave our sessions feeling so much better than when I arrived. Whenever I have a problem, he is there to offer a fresh perspective on things and quite often his guidance is just what I needed. Through listening to and learning about his outlook on life and its many issues, I find that I am now more equiped to handle whatever life throws at me. I am so glad i made the decision 2 years ago to train with him as I have not only received tremendous support and guidance along my rehab journey, but have gained an amazing mentor and friend in the process.

Olivia Scott-Ranson

Erwin was recommended to me by my former personal trainer who was moving overseas. He had big shoes to fill, but I can happily say that Erwin exceeded all my expectations. I had been training for a few years prior, and thought my technique and training methods were pretty good, but Erwin really opened my eyes and enlightened me as to improvements that could be made in literally every exercise. Erwin has also helped me through rehab and recovery after major knee surgery, and is always on hand to offer advice on all aspects of life. He has such a positive outlook on life, and this rubs off on all those around him. One could not ask for a better personal trainer or friend.

Dimitri Savvas